Coffin Pose, Gone Fishing, and other Feline Mishaps And Adventures

ImageEver have one of those really memorable pets? One that’s full of spunk and character that gives you so many side splitting stories to tell? My cat is one such pet.

Her name is Tachita which is Spanish for Little Taco. I got her when she was six weeks old and still occasionally toddling on her legs. From the moment I got her she was unusual not to mention bossy. When I bottle fed her I would cradle her in my arms. She would wrap her tiny paws around the bottle with her eyes closed. Sometimes she would get hungry at night and wake me up, demanding to be fed. Generally, I wasn’t fast enough—it was dark after all—and she would nip me in encouragement of a faster pace.

She also developed the perception early on that—not only was she invincible—but that she was queen of the house. She would boss our two dogs around as if she was ten times their size, instead of the other way around. Every time she would smack Sweet Pea on the snout I was worried that Tachita would lose her head.

Sweet Pea never did that, although, she didn’t just take the abuse. She tried to be aggressive with Tachita but—out of fear that harm would come to pass—we put a stop to that. So, our dear canine found other means.

Children and parents alike have probably had those times where—when one parent disciplines a child—the other chimes in. And our pets are nothing more than four-legged furry children.

Tachita is no saint and she misbehaves often. Everytime she does something wrong—like scratching the wall—it’s time for the Sweet Pea Repellent! She runs over and licks Tachita in her face. Tachita scrunches up her face in this ‘ewww’ expression and loses ground fast. We don’t have to intercede, Sweet Pea gets to boss Tachita around, and my cat quits misbehaving for a while. Everyone’s happy. Well, maybe not Tachita. After all, who’d be happy about being slobbered on?

Tachita’s not only been the source of trouble, but she’s found it as well. One evening I was doing dishes and she decided to sit up on the counter next to me. The part of the sinks she sat next to was full of water and when she sat down her tail went into it. I watched her. No reaction. Maybe it was because the water was warm, but it took her several minutes to figure it out. Once she did all hell broke loose.

She tore through our house in utter panic. Our home isn’t very big so she had to double back and she tripped and fell over herself every time she did it. Her tail is usually fluffy, but the half that had been wet was as thin as a rat’s tail. That might’ve had something to do with her ‘balance issues’. After tearing through our house she ran through the living room, through the kitchen, and leapt into the—at the time—open drier to hide. And before someone reports me to the ASPCA we didn’t turn the thing on. Although, it did take a while to get Tachita out.

When she’s not causing trouble or getting into it Tachita does the one thing all cats do—sleep. Only she’s not content to do it like a normal cat, but must do it in the manner which I’ve dubbed the ‘Coffin Pose’. She lays on her back perfectly strait with her head back and her paws resting on her chest. It’s the one time I don’t have to keep an eye on her and the closest she’s ever been to being normal.


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