The Art of The Mournful; Using Grey Scale to enhance a feature of a photo


The image is of a statue of a girl that is in the lawn of a house close to my own. I liked the texture of the statue which was roughened and worn down by time. I wanted to focus to be on the statue itself and these details. To do this I needed to grey scale the background while leaving the color and texture of the statue intact.

To do this I opened the image file in photoshop. I left the size of the photo alone but changed the resolution to 300 dpi. I created a copy of the image layer and then went to the adjustments panel and selected the b/w adjustment. This meant that the background would be toned down allowing me to design a greater focus on the statue. I shifted the color sliders within the image so that they would support the statue when the image was finished.

Once this was done create a mask on the layer and selected by brush too. Making sure that the foreground color was black I painted over the statue. This striped away the grey scale of the background. I used a medium sized brush to get most of the image quickly and then went in with a smaller brush to get the edges and the detail that I had missed.

With this the work was finished giving a muted, somber background that matched the sad, mournful appearance of the statue and helped to accentuate it.


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