Elements of Design


The vivid green of the leaves is a very bright and eye catching color. Due to the bright, mid day sun the highlights on the leaves create a strong contrast between them and the green of the leaf. The veins of the leaves create directional movement from the top of the leaf to the rest of it as they move down and out.


The value in this flower comes from the color within. The flower leaves are purple but there are two different values of the color. The darker one streaks out in bands that give way to a lighter version of the color. The dark lines also create an outwards directional movement. The yellow dots on the stem create a vivid contrast with the purple.


The stones of this monument form an elliptical shape  that rises over five feet from the ground. Due to the shape, the monument is perfectly balanced in that you could cut it down the middle and both sides would be the same.


The bark of a tree is an incredibly textured and interesting surface. The consistency of the texture creates a harmony within the overall tree as it is not an isolated incident. The direction of the texture gives it an up/down directional movement that helps move the gaze of someone looking at it.


The stones here are used to form a 3D object, a water fountain. The water is the center of interest and this is helped by the stones which get smaller in size as you go up the fountain. This plus the water coming out of the fountain created a rhythm of movement that ends with the water.


The flagpoles vary in size from each other due to the fact that some flags are expected to be displayed at higher elevations than others. The vertical nature of the flag poles creates a directional movement that draws your eye upward. The flag poles are balanced despite being of different sizes by the fact that the two shorter ones are placed on either side of the tallest by an equal amount of space.


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