A Card Created In Silence

Card        College life has always been busy, but until recently I’ve always had some free time to do things that I wanted. Go see a movie, play a video game, read, etc. However, once I got to my Junior year I found that I had increasingly less time to do what I wanted. In addition, I found my self in the position of drinking more and more caffeine related drinks as I stayed up later into the night to do work. Now, in the midst of my final semester and with a Senior Show looming on the horizon, I find that a day doesn’t go by where I don’t have a soda, monster drink, or coffee just to keep me alert enough so that I can see strait. Even my weekends are not immune to this.card II

This is what I was thinking about as I sat in the coffee shop at Hastings drinking a Pumpkin Frappe and talking to a friend. And it made me think about the few things that all college students have in common regardless of there social or financial background. It is pretty much guaranteed that–unless you when the lottery or have a rich relative leave you a lot of money–you will incur student loan debt. You will also from time to time be dealing with a lot of stress. And of course, their will be a dire need for caffeine.


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