A Turn of Phrase

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA   Ever have one of those times where you didn’t expect anything to happen or did but didn’t expect it to be much fun? My Intro to Electronic Media class was such a time.

As a graduating senior I’m up to my neck in work. So often I feel like a headless chicken that, as much as I enjoy my work, I just want to get it out of the way. So when my professor told us to have someone pick seven random items and put them in a bag for us to bring to school, I didn’t give it much thought, much less that I’d have a blast.

In class we waited, we whispered, we watched, and finally we were given the assignment. Our mission? To pull out one object at a time and for no more than 60 seconds brainstorm awe inspiring slogans. We then choose the best slogan for three of the items and created a “bill board” for each.

The three items whose slogans I chose were The Long Tail for a ball of yarn, Framed Mercy for a gothic angel image, and Attack Plan-Knock Off for my eyeglass case.

Although I’ve never done an extremely complicated pattern I’ve been knitting since my grandmother taught me as a child. If there is one thing that I’ve learned it’s that a ball of yarn can GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAseem endless and the string of yarn your knitting can be very long, especially if it drops and rolls. I’ve had more than one momentous occasion such as that and have been forced to shorten a very long tail.

I got the image of the gothic angel when I went to Italy. Angels embody mercy and, while this angel was not in the act of bestowing this, she did look especially kind, even with the painted border surrounding it which gave me the idea of Framed Mercy.

I didn’t always have this current eyeglass case. It was another acquisition from Italy. I used to have a purple one, but for some unknown reason, my cat declared war upon it. She seemed to take a smug, almost satisfactory glee in knocking it off the night stand where I kept it. One day I came home and the eyeglass case was missing. I checked the floor. Nope. I checked under the nightstand. No Luck. I looked under my bed. Many things under there that shall not be named, GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAbut no eyeglass case. Tachita 1: Katelyn 0.

I recalled all this as I enjoyed the class exercise and it just goes to show, you never know what fun you’ll have in school


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