A Potentially Salty Journey

Panel IIII’ve never been to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Most areas are completely inhospitable and there is nothing but salt, salt, and-wait for it-more salt. Considering this I wouldn’t be surprised if most people, myself included, didn’t give the Salt Flats a second glance. But perhaps you should look again.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, a racer, or just like driving at ridiculously high speeds without fear of a ticket then this is the place for you. Home of the Boneville Speedway which is known for land speed records, there are five major land speed events; Speed Week, World Speed, World Finals, Bub Motorcycle Speed Trials, and the Mike Cook ShootOut. I don’t care about racing, but it would be entertaining to watch people race at dangerous speeds. It’s always fun to watch other people’s stupidity, or bravery, depending on your point of view.Panel II

Despite the hostile nature of the Salt Flats the landscape is incredibly beautiful. Photos of the area show flat, white ground as far as the eye can see framed by a bright, azure sky. Photos of the area during rainfall are just as gorgeous. If there this beautiful in pictures, think how much better they’d be in person.

This epic scenery leads to another reason why you should go-exploration. The Salt Flats are a vast area where you can travel free and unfettered by the constraints you find in the city. You can then set loose your inner explorer, pick a random direction, and go off into the wild blue yonder.

Panel I    I’ve never been to Utah much less to those beloved Salt Flats, but if I ever find my way to that state, this salty expanse will be my first stop.


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