A Very Twisted Idea

    Invisible ChildrenIn my Intro to Multimedia class our teacher gave us a class assignment in creativity. Our objective? To combine a random animal, non profit organization, and geographical location to create an annual report cover for the organization. Conditions? It had to be weird. Really weird.

    After we sketched and worked our minds brain storming we got into groups, passed around our notes, and improved our ideas. Once we’d finished pulling each other through the hedgerow backwards, we picked a single concept, the most unusual one of all the strange and unusual ideas.

    Our random subjects were Invisible Children, the giraffe, and Venice. The concept we decided to work with was a giraffe gondola carrying lost children through the waterways of Venice to show that, no matter where they are, the children will be brought home. What made the concept so unusual was the fact that the giraffe gondola wouldn’t just look like a giraffe, it would be a giraffe.

    If that doesn’t make people stop and turn a couple heads, nothing will.


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