A Sleepy Poster

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA    In my Intro to Multimedia class we were assigned to create a hand made poster in thirty minutes around the phrase “Sleep: It’s what you need.” Remembering an earlier post that I’d done, A Card made in Silence, I got an idea.

    In the post that I just mentioned I’d created a card that made light of the life of a college student and emphasized the reliance on caffeine. Thinking about this and the quote I had to use I came up with an idea. Why not show what inevitably happens when you have to little sleep and try to support yourself on caffeine?

    As I thought about it I sketched up concepts of someone sleeping at a desk with a cup of coffee nearby. I played with the concept until I placed several empty cups on one side with a nearby cup tipped over with steaming coffee spilling across the desk. Usually, I use color and do illustrations, but this time I choose to do a quick sketch by hand in black and white. Doing it by hand helped me finish it in the allotted time and the black and white helped to focus the design on the humorous aspect of the poster.

    As much as I know that it’s not good to ingest as much caffeine as I do on a daily basis, I can’t help it. My senior show plus all my work is keeping me up to ridiculous hours and caffeine is the only way to see strait enough to do my work. Still, I’d hate to crash despite the near critical level of caffeine that would undoubtably be in my system.


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