Not so Gentle

PENTAX Image  When most people, parents or not, think of baby diapers pleasant pictures of Huggies and soft pastel designs probably come to mind. The last thing that one probably would think would grace a baby bottom would be graffiti.

In my Intro to Electronic Media class we were assigned an exercise where we were put into groups to come up with designs for baby diapers centralized around an urban, edgy theme. My group chose graffiti.

While other members of my group focused on the logo and packaging, I worked on the diaper itself. Looking at diaper designs I noticed that most of the designs were on a narrow band on the front and nothing on the rest of it. I felt that that should change.

In designing the diaper I worked with our graffiti theme. Because graffiti art can be words or imagery I used both. On the front I made the band black and put our companies ‘name’ on it in white. On the back I placed a graffiti image of a mouse eating a piece of cheese, ever mindful that most parents wouldn’t approve of most graffiti art that could be put on their child’s behind.

This wasn’t my most favorite exercise, but it was interesting to take a concept that is usually soft, gentle, and cute into an edgy, punk, and odd idea; something you wouldn’t normally see on a diaper.


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