Laughing through Silliness

Image Everyone has seen kids when their being good or bad, angelic or michevious, and all their other moods. But how many people have really observed children to the point of spotting characteristics in behavior that they can share. For an assignment in Intro to Multimedia I did just that.

We were to observed children for 30 minutes and then brainstorm concepts for a book through rough storyboards. As it so happened my work study boss had brought his toddler son to work with him and I got to watch, and be entertained by, his shenanigans. It reminded me of how most children go through that faze of doing things that may seem serious to them but are hilarious and exasperating to their parents.

On my storyboard I modeled it after very young children’s book where each ‘page’ action tends to be isolated from each other. The character does this. The character does that. And while it’s entertaining to the child the pages together don’t necessarily form a cohesive narrative. The storyboards that I came up with were of many of the observations I made when watching my bosses kid mixed in with others I observed in his other children when they were present.

In the overall story I tried to show that while small children may be silly and do stuff that drives their parents nuts, there still loved at the end of the day, especially because of their silliness.


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