Dirty to Clean and Mixing Words

  china application002  In my Intro to Multimedia class we were assigned to come up with a company name and create storyboards for an ‘ad’ for the companies new product. That in and of itself wasn’t unusual. The oddity came from the way we got there.

    To start with we had to write three separate adjectives and then beneath each adjective we had to write three related words that it described. We were then broken into groups where we chose the three most interesting and then take the first part of each word and merge them together to form the name of our company. My groups words were beautiful, creative, and wonderful and the combined word for the name of our company was Beaucrewond.

    We decided to do our ad for young child care products like Johnson and Johnson shampoo. In our storyboard we showed a dirty kid walking along and tracking mud behind him. He comes to a bubble and reaches for it saying the companies name as he does so when he touches the bubble it bursts leaving him squeaky clean.

    Coming up with the concept was interesting and doing the storyboard was fun. It just goes to show that creativity can come in many forms as well as the fun that comes with it.


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