Limited Materials for a devastating Robot

    I doubt that I’m the only one who has watched a movie or read a book that involved a robot or robots being built Robotfor one purpose or the other, usually with it backfiring on the creators. While I don’t believe this will happen anywhere but in the realm of science fiction, I couldn’t help but think of this when I was assigned to create a robot out of materials that I found for an Intro to Multimedia assignment.

    Our latest assignment involved us collecting materials to create a ‘robot’ and writing instructions on how to make it that could be followed by someone else. I didn’t really have materials lying around my house that I could use so I got creative. I bought a soda bottle, drank the soda, and borrowed a roll of tape. Using just these two items I wrote simple instructions on how to turn this unassuming Coke Zero bottle into a small, but deadly robot and handed it over to my friend. Within a few minutes she had it constructed.

    I was pleased with myself for my quick thinking and ingenuity when it came to completing this assignment. And while my robot may not match up to those in I, Robot or other such titles, at least I know that this robot won’t rise and rebel against its creator.


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