The Good, the Bad, and the Metaphorical in an Add

Positive Add   Advertisement is something we see in multiple forms every day and probably pay little attention to unless it’s something that we’re interested in. Being someone who likes books I pay more attention to book ads than anything else. So, when we were assigned to create three ads for an object that we had with us in a good, bad, and metaphorical streak, I immediately grabbed the book that I was reading and went to work.

Thinking of the benefits that books bring I focused on the fact that, above all else, books help us to learn and are our path to knowledge. For the ‘good’ add I took a photo of someone walking up a stack of books to reach the book the I’d been reading with a short sentence linking it to theNegative Add imagery. Books help us to learn and grow and have great power over what we know and this more than anything is what drove me in this poster design.

That control, however, can also have negative aspects. I read Fahrenheit 451 several weeks ago. It is a tale where books are burned and information is controlled. This had me thinking. We only know what we do know of the past and history by knowledge that is past down to us, particularly knowledge in books. However, if you got rid of them then each succeeding generation would h ave to rely on what the previous generation said was true and what happened. Books would no longer be a source to knowledge but the fuel for a fire of ignorance.

If you’re a book worm as I am then you collect a tone of books over time. Books weigh a lot and can make it difficult to carry them. With the creation of E-readers this is no longer an issue. You can lug around an entire library that weighs no more than a single paper back book. Focusing on Metaphorical addthe amusement of the bygone days before these E-readers I created an add that made fun of this concept.

No matter what you may like to read books are important in our lives as entertainment, education tools, and even adventures. This above all other reasons is why I chose to use a book for this assignment.


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