Beyond: Two Souls – Never Alone; A Blessing and a Curse

Young Jodie    For the most part individuals have people around them; friends and family that give their life meaning and help to define who they are. And yet, everyone needs some space from those closest to them, a time when they can be by themselves and have a breather. But what if you couldn’t have time to yourself because there was one person who could never leave your side? How would you feel to always have a shadow?

In the game, Beyond: Two Souls, this is a concept that follows Jodie Page’s life in the form of Aiden, an entity that Jodie has been bound to for as long as she can remember; an invisible friend and guardian. Through him she can interact with objects without touching them, commune with dead souls, and heal people amongst other abilities. But everything has a downside. Jodie never has any privacy as Aiden is always with her.

This makes it difficult to form relationships with others because she can’t make Aiden do what she wants Jodie_Holmesand he doesn’t always seem to understand normal human interaction. When you’re bound to an entity who will choke someone because the person is rubbing snow in your face and doesn’t recognize it as a game, when this entity doesn’t like a person you’ve shown a romantic interest in and sabotage’s your efforts to get closer to them, would you not wish that their was some way to get rid of that person, if for no other reason than to have your own life?

Times in which Jodie wishes this are scattered throughout the game as she goes from a child who is feared by her family, to a teen raised in a laboratory, to a young woman on the run from those who would control and use her. Never being alone seems to hold as many advantages as it does disadvantages, but Aiden is the one person Jodie can truly count on, the one being that she can be certain will never betray her. Is loosing this bond really worth being alone? And does Jodie understand the full meaning of her wish?

It is human nature to crave companionship and the kindness of others. Few people truly wish to avoid all human contact, but even the most sociable of people need some space every now and again. However, if you couldn’t have that space, if there was one person that you couldn’t get away from, would you hate that bond or learn to love and appreciate it, as well as  the being that you were bonded to?


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