Wild Magic-Broken Trust

    DaineBeing able to trust others is an important foundation stone in building relationships. If you can’t trust someone to be honest with you or to treat you decently, how could you have faith in anyone? This is made worse when you trust someone and they break it. As Thomas J. Watson once said, “The power of trust is that it’s very difficult to build and very easy to destroy.”

    In Tamora Pierce’s novel, Wild Magic, Daine understands this all to well. After raiders slaughtered her family she was betrayed by her village and forced to flee. Coming to Corus to start over she’s hired by Onua who purchases horses for the Queen’s Riders in Tortall. Desperate for acceptance Daine doesn’t dare tell Onua or any of her new friends the true reason why she fled her home.

    Discovering that she has wild magic, a form of magic that lets her communicate with and heal animals, she begins the process of learning to control her abilities. But as her powerful magic threatens to overwhelm her Daine waivers between keeping silent and telling her friends the truth about why she left her home. The decision, however, may soon be out of her hands.

    Immortals, creatures who live forever unless killed, have been set loose upon Tortall and their neighbors after being imprisoned in the Divine Realm for four hundred years. Is there sudden release a coincidence, or is their something darker behind the Immortal’s appearance? As danger grows around her friends Daine must learn to control her abilities and quickly, for she alone may hold the key to saving everyone she holds most dear. Can Daine trust her new found friends? Time is running out.

    Trusting others isn’t always easy, especially when its been abused and broken. Not everybody can be trusted. But as Daine’s first adventure shows, it’s not always about learning to trust again as it is about finding the right people to trust.


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