The Monster Mash Dance: A Stop Motion Adventure

Story BoardIn my Intro to Multimedia class I’ve done some odd things in the name of assignments and even things that I wasn’t particularly fond of. The assignment that I was given, and that we needed to work in a group for, certainly hit those points, particularly the last one until my partner and I figured out what we were going to do for our stop motion assignment.

My partner has several children and one of her girls has some of the dolls from the Monster High series which are just different versions of the brats dolls. One of them was a werewolf and the other a vampire. When we finally decided to do our stop action with them dancing I got an idea.

I have a CD with Halloween specific music in it and amongst the many goulish songs was the Monster Mash and I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it would be to have the two ‘monsters’ dancing to this. After we decided on the song we had to sketch out a quick story board of the event that were doing in our stop action video. As I finished drawing out my storyboard I had to admit; while I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the assignment I found the idea of doing the Monster Mash dance to be hilarious.


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