Senior Show: Once the Dust has Settled

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA This past week I had my Senior Show and with the time for me tone taking it down fast approaching I’ve been thinking about the work I put into it and the process it took to get there.

I did my Senior Show on Aspergers Syndrome an Autism disorder in which an affect person looks normal and to a degree acts normal, but can display some relatively odd behaviors. For my Senior Show I had a challenge that was two fold: to depict the behaviors of the disorder in a manner that cold be understood by people and to portray the individuals with ‘Aspergers Syndrome’ in a manner that would make them easily identifiable.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

The latter of those proved to be the easiest as I first converted the images of those with Aspergers to greyscale and later converted them to greyscale illustrations. The first was a bit more difficult. While some of the pieces may have been self explanatory, not all of them necessarily were. Eventually, I decided to have plaques next to each piece describing the behavior being shown and felt that everything had been thouroully explained.

After months of effort and varying degrees of panic I managed to get everything finished and properly placed by the time of the opening night of my Senior Show. I won’t disagree that there were some minor hiccups and things that could’ve been done better. But I’m pleased with my Senior Show and even more pleased that my Senior Show is finished.


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