Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus

    Sly CooperBeing sneaky and pickpocketing for a profit are the ideal methods in the life of a thief. But there are differences among criminals, even thieves, and these are shown in the how and the why of their actions. When Sly Cooper’s life is torn apart, his actions prove this difference.

    Sly Cooper comes from a long line of professional thieves and was being trained to continue the line by his father when his life is destroyed. On the night that he is supposed to inherit the Thievious Raccoonus, a book of the family’s collective thieving skills, there home is attacked. The Fiendish Five, a group of criminals and thieves, kills his parents and leaves Sly behind, taking the Thievious Raccoonus with them.

    Ending up at an orphanage, he meets two people who would end up being his life long friends, Bently and Murry. Together, they begin there thieving adventures, going from stealing cookies to stealing valuables as the years go by. Sly never forgot what happened to his family and was determined to avenge them and recover the Thievious Raccoonus. Years later he makes good on his determination.

    But what starts out as a simple recovery mission becomes much more. As Sly Recovers each portion of the Thievious ClockworkRaccoonus he starts to see more and more veiled references to a mysterious bird like person that has haunted his ancestors throughout time, a figure that bears an eerie resemblance to Clockwerk, the leader of the Fiendish Five. Is this a strange coincidence or a dark hint of the truth, of why his family was attacked.

    As his skills improve Sly must show the world that there were thieves and then there were thieves and the choices that you make are what determines that.


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