Sly Cooper: Band of Thieves

Copper-gang Most people would agree that when an enemy goes down you generally don’t have to worry about them getting back up. Unfortunately, not every ‘enemy’ follows that idea, intentionally or otherwise. And this is something that Sly Cooper knows all to well.

After having left Clockwerk, the giant mechanical owl who had led the gang that murdered his parents and has terrorized his clan for centuries, in melting pieces on top of a volcano, Sly thought that it was over. He’d freed himself and future Coopers from the evil of Clockwerk. But months later, when he learns that all the collective Clockwerk parts were rescued and stored together in a museum he goes after them knowing that there is a very dangerous probability of Clockwerk being revived.

However, the Cooper gang isn’t the only one with an interest in the Clockwerk parts. When they arrive at the museum they Carmelita and Neylafind the mechanical bird gone and Interpol in its place in the form of Inspector Carmelita and Constable Neyla. After a quick escape and a ‘slipped’ clue from Neyla, Sly and his friends now know who took the Clockwerk parts: the Klaww gang.

As they seek out there targets one by one it becomes clear that the Klaww gang may not know exactly what they have but the
potential for Clockwerk’s revival is to great to let the gang split up and use the parts for their own end. But as they steal one successive part after the other and narrowly escape the relentless pursuit of Interpool, questions pile up. What is the purpose behind the pursuits of the Klaww gang, can Clockwerk ever be destroyed, and in a dangerous game of cops and robbers can Sly trust the police? As the Cooper gang heads towards its final confrontation Sly know one thing for certain; Clockwerk was going down, this time for good.

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility to assume that once an enemy is down that they won’t come back to haunt you. But as Sly’s next adventure shows, its better to be safe than sorry.


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