Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

EdwardThe desire for a better quality of life is fully understandable but can be dangerous, for that is a designer that can border and even cross into greed. And it is greed that is harmful, not just to yourself but to those around you. And this is something that Edward Kenway learns the hard way.

Born into poverty Edward not only feels that he is destined for more but is determined to get it. Leaving home he sets out as a privateer determined to make his fortune. It’s not long however before Queen Anne of England signs a treaty with the countries that she’s ben warring with making privateer’s unnecessary. So, like many others, Edward goes from privateer to pirate and this is where his story really begins.

In a confrontation with a renegade Assassin, Edward kills him. Reading a letter on the man offering him a re wry for the documents he’s carrying, Edward assumes his identity and goes to Havana to collect the reward, handing over those documents which-in time-caused serious harm to the Assassins. It’s not long after that in which Edward’s deception is discovered and the Templars, the men Edward gave the documents to, arrest him and send him off to be interrogated.

He escapes however and with the help of a new friend, Adewale, captures a ship that he names the assassin symbolJackdaw. And thus begins Edward’s destructive path to earn wealth. As the years go by Edward and his crew take over forts, plunder ships, and explore the depths of the ocean to uncover the wealth they seek. But Edward becomes obsessed with something he overheard the Templars discussing all those years ago, The Observatory.

The Observatory is a construct created by the First Civilization that allows you to spy on anyone anywhere in the world if you have a sample of their blood. Seeing an opportunity Edward searches for the Observatory with the intention of selling it to the highest bidder. But as the years go by and Edward goes from one confrontation to another with the Templars, he begins to put what he has and those he values at great risk. As the battle between the Templars and Assassins over the Observatory becomes more dangerous and the golden age of piracy comes to a close, Edward must make a choice. Either he can continue down the destructive path that he started or he can take a stand against those who’d control mankind.

As Edward’s choice becomes imminent he starts to come to the realization that the boundary between desire and greed is blurred and only one of them will leave you with absolutely nothing to the end.



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