Corvo Attano When it comes to revenge killing an enemy is the best way to do it. Or is it? Is there another option and, if so, which would you choose?

Corvo Attano has never had to considered renege, but when his life is shattered, those decisions become the focal point of his life. A foreigner to Dunwell he is the Empress’s personal bodyguard and the person she trusts the most. Upon returning to Dunwell after seeking help for a plaugue, things become worse. With himself overpowered, the Empress is murdered and her killers force Corvo to take the fall for the crime through death.

Before he can be executed Corvo escapes prison with the aide of new allies with a clear goal; rescue Emily Kaldwin, the Empress’s daughter and execute revenge against those who wronged him. But how that revenge is executed will not only be up to him but will determine the fate of Dunwell. But which form of revenge will be chosen? Will you kill those responsible for destroying his life or will he give them a taste of their own medicine.

But things only got more dangerous as Corvo exacts his revenge. A being know as The Outsider has taken an interest in Corvo, a being whose worship is banned. Giving Corvo access to his powers The Outsider seems to be an ally, but is he? Does he want to aid Corvo in making things right, unleash Outsiderchaos, or does he lack a motive? The Outsider is not the only one that Corvo should be wary of. But as the danger grows he must use his powers to fight to save Dunwell or condemn it.

Revenge may solve everything but how you go about it may mean everything. Sometimes killing them isn’t the best option. Sometimes sparring them is the harsher punishment.


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