GarrettPlacing oneself at personal risk for others can be a difficult thing to do, especially when you’re one that doesn’t stick your neck out for anyone, but sometimes it is necessary to take such a risk, even if you don’t want to. This is true even when you are a loner, because sooner or later even you won’t have anywhere to hide.

Being a loner describes Garrett very well. A master Thief Garrett takes no risk and doesn’t help anyone but himself. Stealing is all he has lied and breathed for and he cares for very little beyond that. But when a job goes wrong and Garrett loses a year of his life that he can’t remember he is slowly forced to make decisions that go against everything he perceives in his life.

When Garrett returns to his city he finds things drastically worse than when he left it. The Baron is trying to defend his tyrannical rule as people rebel and disease runs rampant. But Garrett goes back to work, not just to steal but to get answers. What happened on that terrible job and why did he lose a year of his life?

Dangers don’t stop with thieving or political unrest. Ever since the accident strange things lurk in thePrimal Stone shadows of the city and they don’t fear Garrett. The answers may be in the object he was sent to steal: the Primal Stone. What is the stone and what does it have to do with the death of his fellow thief Erin and his loss of memory?

As Garrett goes from one dangerous situation to another and questions many things he believes, one comes clear; lone wolf or not the city needs him and to get the answers he needs, he may have to take risks that he’d never have taken before.


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