Type: The Good and The Bad


The type is fluid but retains enough of the letter form to make it readable.


The type might be good for titles and short bursts of text but its formality and uppercase nature make it difficult to read in short bursts of text.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGood

The font is semi formal which fits the nature of the publication and is used in a manner that makes it easy to read.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGood

The font is laid out in a short burst which makes its sans serif nature even more easily read.


The type design is all over the place using multiple fonts together in a hodge podge arrangement. THere doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of visual cohesiveness in the type selection.


Two simple fonts were chosen for the short bursts of text and they work well together.


At least two fonts were chosen for this and not only do they read well together but they are legible.


Serif and cursive font fit the styling of the product and work well together.


While I wouldn’t use the cursive font in large blocks of text the thick curvy nature of the type helps with the impression of steam coming out of a coffee pot.


The serif type stands out in its own right from the background and is aided in this by the contrasting color of the type from the background.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGood

The type matches the name of the show and is legible enough to be read even when it is done as a pale color.


The thin, almost ripped nature of the font makes it difficult to read against the busy background. This is further compounded by the fact that the type is black.


The type matches the character of the show and the design within it plays off the background without getting lost in it.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGood

Despite the fact that the type is technically broken the word can still be read as disconnected. This has as much to do with the type itself as the way it was handled.


The two types don’t really work together and both tend to get lost in the overall design, especially the serif type.


As a single burst of text the font works very well especially as it is placed against a solid background.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Bad

While the serif font used in the word Kremlin works well the type used for the Chamber Orchestra does not withstand its counterpart very well and gets lost in it. It’s difficult to read.


The type works well in its use as a title font and is very legible against its background.


The serif font is legible and easily read even at the small size of the button that it was put on.


The type was well used to display its effectiveness. The use of a simple design also helped this.


Senior Show: Once the Dust has Settled

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA This past week I had my Senior Show and with the time for me tone taking it down fast approaching I’ve been thinking about the work I put into it and the process it took to get there.

I did my Senior Show on Aspergers Syndrome an Autism disorder in which an affect person looks normal and to a degree acts normal, but can display some relatively odd behaviors. For my Senior Show I had a challenge that was two fold: to depict the behaviors of the disorder in a manner that cold be understood by people and to portray the individuals with ‘Aspergers Syndrome’ in a manner that would make them easily identifiable.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

The latter of those proved to be the easiest as I first converted the images of those with Aspergers to greyscale and later converted them to greyscale illustrations. The first was a bit more difficult. While some of the pieces may have been self explanatory, not all of them necessarily were. Eventually, I decided to have plaques next to each piece describing the behavior being shown and felt that everything had been thouroully explained.

After months of effort and varying degrees of panic I managed to get everything finished and properly placed by the time of the opening night of my Senior Show. I won’t disagree that there were some minor hiccups and things that could’ve been done better. But I’m pleased with my Senior Show and even more pleased that my Senior Show is finished.

The Monster Mash Dance: A Stop Motion Adventure

Story BoardIn my Intro to Multimedia class I’ve done some odd things in the name of assignments and even things that I wasn’t particularly fond of. The assignment that I was given, and that we needed to work in a group for, certainly hit those points, particularly the last one until my partner and I figured out what we were going to do for our stop motion assignment.

My partner has several children and one of her girls has some of the dolls from the Monster High series which are just different versions of the brats dolls. One of them was a werewolf and the other a vampire. When we finally decided to do our stop action with them dancing I got an idea.

I have a CD with Halloween specific music in it and amongst the many goulish songs was the Monster Mash and I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it would be to have the two ‘monsters’ dancing to this. After we decided on the song we had to sketch out a quick story board of the event that were doing in our stop action video. As I finished drawing out my storyboard I had to admit; while I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the assignment I found the idea of doing the Monster Mash dance to be hilarious.

Wild Magic-Broken Trust

    DaineBeing able to trust others is an important foundation stone in building relationships. If you can’t trust someone to be honest with you or to treat you decently, how could you have faith in anyone? This is made worse when you trust someone and they break it. As Thomas J. Watson once said, “The power of trust is that it’s very difficult to build and very easy to destroy.”

    In Tamora Pierce’s novel, Wild Magic, Daine understands this all to well. After raiders slaughtered her family she was betrayed by her village and forced to flee. Coming to Corus to start over she’s hired by Onua who purchases horses for the Queen’s Riders in Tortall. Desperate for acceptance Daine doesn’t dare tell Onua or any of her new friends the true reason why she fled her home.

    Discovering that she has wild magic, a form of magic that lets her communicate with and heal animals, she begins the process of learning to control her abilities. But as her powerful magic threatens to overwhelm her Daine waivers between keeping silent and telling her friends the truth about why she left her home. The decision, however, may soon be out of her hands.

    Immortals, creatures who live forever unless killed, have been set loose upon Tortall and their neighbors after being imprisoned in the Divine Realm for four hundred years. Is there sudden release a coincidence, or is their something darker behind the Immortal’s appearance? As danger grows around her friends Daine must learn to control her abilities and quickly, for she alone may hold the key to saving everyone she holds most dear. Can Daine trust her new found friends? Time is running out.

    Trusting others isn’t always easy, especially when its been abused and broken. Not everybody can be trusted. But as Daine’s first adventure shows, it’s not always about learning to trust again as it is about finding the right people to trust.

Lioness Rampant: The Completion Of a Journey

    AlannaAll lives have keystones within them, important moments that stand out in our memory and are often reached after many years of hard work. These journeys are important in terms of their achievement, but what do you do after? Once you’ve reached the mountain peak, what’s next? Where do you go from there?

    In Tamora Pierce’s novel, Lioness Rampant, Alanna faces these very questions. She’s achieved everything that she’s set out to do; she’s become a knight and killed Duke Roger, her arch nemesis and the greatest threat to Jonathan and Tortall. Alanna has also sought and found adventure, but has already had her fill of it and wonders if this is all the purpose her life will have.

    As Alanna begins to feel adrift, a new quest crosses her path; the Dominion Jewel, a magical artifact of immense power. Passively, it improves the lot of the land of the one who wields it. But when in the hands of a sorcerer who can wield the full breadth of the Jewel’s abilities, the very land itself can rise up and fight invaders.

    Finding the Jewel an bringing it back to King Roald would prove to all that she had rightfully earned her shield as well as smooth over the ruckus created by the revelation of her true sex and the killing of Duke Roger. As dangerous as the quest is it is imperative that she complete it and return to Tortall as great dangers, new and old, rise against Jonathan. As the fight for the future of Tortall comes to a head, Alanna must prove that she is the Lioness in spirit as well as in name. For Duke Roger of Conte is back from the dead and has not forgotten how close he came to the throne, nor the one who denied it to him.

    Because all journeys have a beginning they must also have an end. It can be difficult after struggling for a long time to achieve your goal and try to figure out what comes after. But as Alanna’s final adventure shows, what you do after your journey is just as important as the path you took to get there.

Beyond: Two Souls – Never Alone; A Blessing and a Curse

Young Jodie    For the most part individuals have people around them; friends and family that give their life meaning and help to define who they are. And yet, everyone needs some space from those closest to them, a time when they can be by themselves and have a breather. But what if you couldn’t have time to yourself because there was one person who could never leave your side? How would you feel to always have a shadow?

In the game, Beyond: Two Souls, this is a concept that follows Jodie Page’s life in the form of Aiden, an entity that Jodie has been bound to for as long as she can remember; an invisible friend and guardian. Through him she can interact with objects without touching them, commune with dead souls, and heal people amongst other abilities. But everything has a downside. Jodie never has any privacy as Aiden is always with her.

This makes it difficult to form relationships with others because she can’t make Aiden do what she wants Jodie_Holmesand he doesn’t always seem to understand normal human interaction. When you’re bound to an entity who will choke someone because the person is rubbing snow in your face and doesn’t recognize it as a game, when this entity doesn’t like a person you’ve shown a romantic interest in and sabotage’s your efforts to get closer to them, would you not wish that their was some way to get rid of that person, if for no other reason than to have your own life?

Times in which Jodie wishes this are scattered throughout the game as she goes from a child who is feared by her family, to a teen raised in a laboratory, to a young woman on the run from those who would control and use her. Never being alone seems to hold as many advantages as it does disadvantages, but Aiden is the one person Jodie can truly count on, the one being that she can be certain will never betray her. Is loosing this bond really worth being alone? And does Jodie understand the full meaning of her wish?

It is human nature to crave companionship and the kindness of others. Few people truly wish to avoid all human contact, but even the most sociable of people need some space every now and again. However, if you couldn’t have that space, if there was one person that you couldn’t get away from, would you hate that bond or learn to love and appreciate it, as well as  the being that you were bonded to?

The Good, the Bad, and the Metaphorical in an Add

Positive Add   Advertisement is something we see in multiple forms every day and probably pay little attention to unless it’s something that we’re interested in. Being someone who likes books I pay more attention to book ads than anything else. So, when we were assigned to create three ads for an object that we had with us in a good, bad, and metaphorical streak, I immediately grabbed the book that I was reading and went to work.

Thinking of the benefits that books bring I focused on the fact that, above all else, books help us to learn and are our path to knowledge. For the ‘good’ add I took a photo of someone walking up a stack of books to reach the book the I’d been reading with a short sentence linking it to theNegative Add imagery. Books help us to learn and grow and have great power over what we know and this more than anything is what drove me in this poster design.

That control, however, can also have negative aspects. I read Fahrenheit 451 several weeks ago. It is a tale where books are burned and information is controlled. This had me thinking. We only know what we do know of the past and history by knowledge that is past down to us, particularly knowledge in books. However, if you got rid of them then each succeeding generation would h ave to rely on what the previous generation said was true and what happened. Books would no longer be a source to knowledge but the fuel for a fire of ignorance.

If you’re a book worm as I am then you collect a tone of books over time. Books weigh a lot and can make it difficult to carry them. With the creation of E-readers this is no longer an issue. You can lug around an entire library that weighs no more than a single paper back book. Focusing on Metaphorical addthe amusement of the bygone days before these E-readers I created an add that made fun of this concept.

No matter what you may like to read books are important in our lives as entertainment, education tools, and even adventures. This above all other reasons is why I chose to use a book for this assignment.